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    Alpsdream Beautiful White Skin Mask

    Enjoy youthful Skin. Alpstream Mask contain many ingredient which can repair nourishing formula, firm texture, rejuvenate skin.

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Heavy Care.[/li][li]Deep Hydrating.[/li][li]Firming Brightening.[/li][li]Whitening 8 Moisturizing.[/li][li]Anti-Oxidant.[/li][li]Aging Desensitizing.[/li][li]Pore-Shrinking.[/li][li]Detoxification.[/li][li]Sooting.[/li][/list]

    RM 118.00 RM 88.00
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    Emilay Breast Enhancer

    Emilay Breast Enhancement is an advanced, natural breast enhancement formula. It may help enhance the expansion, growth and development of breast tissue. It naturally helps stimulates the production of estrogens during the ascending period of hormones in order to enhance the growth and storage of breast fatty tissue resulting in bigger, firmer and fuller breasts.

    Function of Emilay Breast Enhancement:

    Balance female hormones, breast fullness to firm and restore elasticity, on the small, loose, drooping breast of different sizes have significant effects

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Enlarge small breasts and flattened.[/li][li]Solidify and tighten sagging breasts.[/li][li]Lift and reshape the breast structures that fall due to factors lactation and elderly factor.[/li][li]Reshape curves, especially in the hips and breasts[/li][li]Balancing breast size.[/li][li] Tighten the vagina for women.[/li][li]Improves blood irregular menstruation.[/li][/list]

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    Enhance Dermal Care

    Pigmentation is found in 8 out 0f 10 ladies. Do not let pigmentation keep you away from being pretty. Enhance Whitening Essential Oil helps you to realize this dream. Let this natural botanical extract plays its healing effect to restore your fair, smooth and elastic skin.

    Farewell PIGMENTATION!

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Remove Pigmentation.[/li][li]Retoare your fair, smooth and elastic skin.[/li][li]100% natural ingredients and safe[/li][/list]

    RM 369.00
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    Hydro-Silk Facial Cleanser

    A soap free, light foaming cleanser which lifts away dirt, make up, and other impurities. Gia Hydro-Silk Facial cleanser imparts silky after cleanse feeling and keeps the skin healthy and hydrated. The cleanser mildly nourishes the skin and perfectly prepares the skin for any subsequent refining treatment.

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Tear free.[/li][li]Soap free.[/li][li]SLES free.[/li][li]PH 5.5.[/li][/list]

    RM 138.00
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    Oscar Vitamin C Eye Gel

    Oscar Vitamin C Eye Gel is easily absorbed to cool, refresh, reduce puffiness and lightly hydrate the delicate eye area. The reduction in the puffy skin around the eyes has the added benefit of firming the skin. It also increases circulation in the area.

    Oscar Vitamin C Eye Gel is Oil free, non greasy, light gel; provide moisturizing, revitalizing and energizing to the eye skin. Minimize skin fine lines and reduce wrinkles. Lighten skin tone and improve the skin puffiness

    Suitable for all skin types.

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    Total Cleanser Mask 2 in 1

    Specially formulated for problem skin.

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Effectively remove skin access sebum and other impurities.[/li][li]Clear skin pores and refresh skin.[/li][li]Specially combined plant extract help purify skin blemishes.[/li][/list]

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    Total Cream

    Specially formulated for blemish skin. Effectively clear and reduce skin breakouts and blemishes.

    [list type=”fontawesome-heart” icon_color=”#ff0d0d”][li]Clarifying and cleaning the skin blemishes and breakouts.[/li][li]Control the excess skin oil and refine skin texture.[/li][li]Calming down and smoothing the skin.[/li][li]Keep skin in good condition.[/li][/list]

    RM 198.00